The SSD solid state units are extremely sophisticated and the level of damage can be very diversified, requiring different recovery techniques and strategies depending on the problems found, and needing a professional diagnostic to determine the effective cost of a successful data recovery.

One of the advantages of the SSD data recovery is undoubtedly the ability to “read” the NAND memory chip or chips contained within it, without having to re-start the drive as in the case of HDDs. The complicated stage of SSD data recovery is the rebuilding of the data unit, since each manufacturer uses different strategies for data storage within each of its models. This forces recovery technicians to manually find the structure indicators of key files in order to reassemble the data.

In order to achieve a successful file recovery from SSD, a team of technicians analyses every single case and establishes a procedure of technical approach. As hundreds of new hard disks are produced every year with new skills, new performances and new problems, specialized data recovery companies must constantly invest enormous resources in the research and development of new technologies.