UniRecovery offers data recovery services on all Apple devices, as MacPro, MacBook, iMac and any platform created by Apple, and on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, with a preliminary diagnosis and estimate.
As any other system, also MAC systems created by Apple are equipped with common hard disks. It follows that, like all hard disks, even the disk drives inside Apple devices are not exempt from damage and wear, and from any other cause of data loss common to all hard disks and all systems. The MAC systems are mainly equipped with HITACHI hard disks, the filesystems for MAC Apple devices are HFS and HFS +, while the operating system is OSX; using mainly HITACHI hard disks, it is possible to identify just one particularity in the sensitiveness of these hard disks at an engine problem, which seems to lose rotation. Besides this specific damage, due to the type of hard disk model, we can consider the hard disks for Mac systems like any other device, by analyzing all standard situations that provocate the data recovery activity.
The file systems for Mac Apple devices are HFS and HFS+, which need really different formatting and procedures than those used by Windows, that means also specific interpretation and files reading during data analysis and recovery. The advanced technical instrumentation used by UniRecovery allows to regularly interpret the data streams that the specific file system generate.
Therefore, about damage and data recovery operations there is not difference in operating MAC hard disk rather than other types. The difference is about the level of file analysis, or – better saying – the HFS file system interpretation.
In addition to the Apple MAC hard disks systems, our data recovery service is also extended to mobile devices such as phones and tablets: products as iPhone and iPad, in each series, and with each iOS operating system version.