A RAID system consists of a number of hard disks greater than one, so it is not possible to perform the data recovery as if it was a single hard disk; in fact, this type of storage architecture implies a sharing of data that deserves a specific intervention. This computing system is based on a set of interconnected hard disks, which are recognized by the operating system as a single disk unit. Depending on the type of RAID, it is necessary to consider the different storage functions, to perform an efficient data recovery.
The Raid 0 can not be considered a real RAID. In fact, in this case data is partitioned into segments of equal size on both disks, which must remain functional as their reliability is equal to half of one disk. Even though it does not use the redundancy system, our team of specialists will attempt the complete recovery of your data, even in cases of serious disk damage. Through years of experience, our data recovery service has been able to develop a very effective data recovery system from RAID.