A RAID system consist of a series of hard disk connected to each other in order to provide several advantages: increased performance, better security and unique vision of the total available space.
UniRecovery has the necessary technology to operate on any type of RAID system, from the simplest Raid 0 to the most complex and multiple RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 0 + 1 or RAID 10.
RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. This definition suggests the possibility of improving the speed and security features on systems for common users, by using equally common and economical hard disks.
A failure of a RAID system can be generated by damage to one or more hard disks, or from problems in the RAID configuration. We will first of all analyze hard disks individually, depending on the defect found, and then we will operate on the entire RAID system.
In the presence of a fault to a RAID system, it is very important not to replace the damaged hardware before being certain of having a backup, and not to change the original positions of the disks in the last functioning configuration.
Furthermore, it is not advisable to use recovery software if you are not sure that the damage is not on the hardware. It is imperative to avoid any kind of non-professional intervention which could permanently jeopardize the data recovery.
We deal with data loss cases in raid systems with vanguard technology and the highest attention to your privacy. Our technicians will analyze all hard disks of the damaged raid in the laboratory, and will formulate an estimate for the recovery of your valuable files.