The Raid 6 configuration writes data on all disks of the volume and creates two parity blocks for each data block. In case of failure of a hard disk, the respective data can be rebuilt in a substitute disk. With the presence of two parity blocks for each data block, the Raid 6 configuration prevents data loss even in case of failure in two hard disks. The synchronization of a damaged drive with RAID 6 configuration is slower than the RAID 5 level because of the use of double parity. Security is doubled thanks to the presence of the two disks for parity. To create a RAID 6 volume, at least four disks are necessary. The RAID 6 configuration guarantees excellent data protection against a slight loss of performance compared to RAID 5 level.UniRecovery will provide the necessary assistance in the event of damage to one or more hard disks of the raid. Our technicians will also try to recover the lost configuration. Whatever the problem, please turn off the machine and do not carry on further action in order not to aggravate the situation and make the data recovery impossible. In case of damage to disks or to the raid configuration, please contact us in order to avoid further operations that may jeopardize your data.