UniRecovery offers the service of Data Recovery from Server of all brands (hp, dell, oracle, ibm, asus, etc …), with any hardware and any operating system such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac, Sun and others, also owners.
The types of failures that may affect a server are various. Failures to Raid controller or to hard disks, file system and data structure corruption, parity problems, viruses, fires, floods, human error.
Each server is different in regards to the process of data recovery, based on the type of Raid, and on the type of damage or data loss.
UniRecovery operates in all cases of data loss from Server with all types of systems such as Microsoft, Unix, HP, Sun, QNX and owner operating systems and embedded. It is important not to remove then re-insert the disks, in case of physical or logical damage, in an inappropriate order. Label the disks with their assigned number in order not to jeopardize a possible data recovery. In any case, you can contact our customer service team who will provide you with all the information to prevent further damage. Even minimal damage to the logical / physical sectors can make it almost impossible to operate on the system, and the data recovery procedure can be extremely complex.
Our specialists have the necessary skills, experience and technology to operate on the server in all cases of data loss. We know the importance of data contained in a business server, and we know what an operative reduction means in economic terms. Rely on us for a secure recovery.